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Top trends to watch out for 2022

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Retro is back (again)

In prior years, high waists were in-style the most – especially in blue jeans fashion – so it’s fair to say that it’s time to look in another direction. If you’re not feeling any of the high waist swimwear popular with younger women, then why not go retro once again (no pun intended) and try a throwback look, which is a great statement in and of itself? There’s been much chatter on social media about the “New Roaring ’20s” that the more avant-garde designers are starting to notice the appeal.

Although the real question is this: what era should you go back to? Is it the '70s, or is it something more contemporary yet old school, like the '80s or the '90s? Well, if you're thinking near-retro, that's not far back enough this year, so think more along the lines of classic '50s one-piece strapless swimsuits or a halter-top style. Some designers like Adriana Degreas are going a step further and combining the style with unusual details for a double-whammy effect.


As if prints could ever entirely go out of style, they are surging in 2022 on social media for many reasons. For the most part, prints are a great choice since they leave so much room for the designer's creativity. Specifically, abstracts and florals are trending, and you can go with a one-piece or a classic bikini look. Tory Burch Lipsi has striking designs if you're looking for something really unique and one-of-a-kind; however, this brand isn't your only option because you can find modest, down-to-earth prints too.

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No matter how you look at it, prints are versatile for any age group, and that’s one reason why you see children wearing them so often. 2022 will continue the trend but look for more far-out patterns because more people are expressing themselves loudly and proudly these days. We’ve all been cooped up for so long that many of us can’t wait to break out and be bold, and a pastel tropical print swimsuit is a great way to showcase soft colors that look fantastic on you.


Usually, you see this type of material in handbags and other accessories, which is a trend in and of itself, yet woven knits are hot in 2022. In all likelihood, the trend will catch on because you’re seeing more of it on social media.

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It’s a little counter-intuitive that crochet patterns work as swimwear, but several brands are making it work – and making it work well! Some of the best we’ve seen so far are the crochet bikini sets from Akoia Swim and Kiini, to name a few.

While they're not exactly something you can knit yourself, crochet swimwear gives a homely, modest look that will, ironically, stand out because the material is distinct. These types of bikinis and one-pieces have been available for a while, but they haven't caught on like they are right now on social media. It's one thing to ask a fashion designer what's hot, but it's another thing entirely to skim the internet and see what people are actually wearing. Crochet is an excellent example of why you always need to look closely at what's receiving the most attention from influencers.

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Moving along our list, we come to lurex materials, a particular type of yarn that contains aluminum and gives off a shiny, metallic look. It's similar to the crochet style, but it's also distinct enough to count as its own trend. As we've said a few times throughout this article, we're noticing more Lurex materials for those who want to take a 2021 trend and go next level with it to stand out. The subtle brightness and sheen of the colors show that you want to be bold, but you don't want to go too far into the psychedelic realm. Save that for when '70s throwbacks are back in style!


Many of us have gotten a little more active lately after being cooped up at home for a while, so let the sporty do double duty. This style is both functional and fashionable this year, and you can't say that about every kind we included in this list. Think more along the lines of Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, which popularized the style about a generation ago.

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Overall, the idea is that you don’t have to sacrifice function for fashion’s sake, nor do you have to stay active while on the beach if you’re mainly going for the look.


Can’t seem to decide between a two-piece and a one-piece bikini? Well, why not go both ways and try a new monokini? It’s basically a bikini-style top with a cut-out that resembles a one-piece. The only issue with this style is that you may have to try on a few designs to find one that fits your curves just right. It’s not a super trendy style yet, but it’s something we noticed.

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At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any of these suits as long as you keep looking at what's new as the season heats up and as more of us get back to the beach and feel fabulous, confident, and sexy doing it.

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