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15 Animal Print Bikinis or Swimsuits To Make A Splash In This Summer

Close-up image of a leopard print bikini bottom

Photo: Cheyenne Doig on Unsplash

by Rachel Kius


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The Attico

USD 460

Image of a woman wearing Beacon's | Butterfly by Inamorata_Woman

Photo: Inamorata Woman Website

Image of a woman wearing ESTELLA BIKINI TOP - DUSTY DYE by Cult_Gaia

Photo: Cult_Gaia

Image of one-piece swimsuit snake print

Photo: Zimmermann website

1 - Haight – Bruna Swimsuit Black & White Zebra Print

The up-and-coming designer Haight released this swimsuit in its summer lineup, featuring a straight neckline in the front with a U-neckline in the back. But notice how the Zebra stripes are larger than usual, which really brings out the nuances of the cut and design. Try this one if you want to go full throttle with the animal print look.

Image of a woman wearing Bruna Swimsuit Haight BW Zebra Print by Haight



USD 298

2 - Gooseberry – Good Vibes – Triangle Bikini and Side-Tie Bottom

By now, we've all noticed that side ties are getting longer each season, and this two-piece by Gooseberry is a great example. But see that there's only a single tie on one side! It's a unique touch. The side tie is lengthy and strappy while still maintaining an elegant look. You get the cheeky bottom cut, too, that's adjustable depending on how comfortable you want to be. Pair it with the matching top to round out the fit.

Image of a woman wearing Triangle Bikini Print by Gooseberry


Gooseberry Seaside

USD 75

3 - The Attico – Zebra-Printed Bikini

This zebra-printed bikini by The Attico would go great for those with an adventurous personality that’s not afraid to stand out. Notice the unique crossed neckline that rises to a strappy, thin halter. It’s a cute cut you don’t usually find, and the double side ties on the bottom match it perfectly.

Photo of swimsuit


The Attico

USD 460

4 - Melissa Simone – Zara One-Piece in Cheetah

A one-piece animal print swimsuit can be just as fierce as a two-piece with the right cut-outs, and the Zara One-Piece in Cheetah is a perfect example of what’s trending this summer. Check out the one-shoulder, zig-zag cut-out. It’s definitely a head turner because you can’t tell whether or not it’s a one-piece at a glance until you see the whole fit.

Image of a woman wearing ZARA ONE PIECE - CHEETAH by Melissa_Simone


Melissa Simone

USD 180

5 - Zimmermann – Moonshine Waterfall Frill One-Piece

The Moonshine Waterfall Frill One-piece comes with a deep V-neck that plunges into a knotted cut-out, but the star of the show is the puffy ruffles that climb up the shoulder. It looks pretty far out in snake print, and that’s what we love about it! It’s stunning.

Photo of swimsuit



USD 370

6 - Miaou – Kauai Bikini Cow

Want to go vintage this summer? If so, this Kauai Bikini by Miaou is perfect for the look. The classic string triangle bikini top can be tied in a variety of ways to create a sleek and sexy look. The Kauai Bikini Bottom completes the set with a flirty touch. The Cow print adds a vintage flavor for for an iconic summer moment.

Photo of swimsuit



USD 200

7 - Rat & Boa – Ribeiro Bikini

Not really feeling cheetah, leopard, or zebra print? Well, how about a groovy, psychedelic butterfly print from Rat & Boa instead? This one gives you the best of both worlds if you tend to lean more towards the floral side. The top works as a bandeau (totally in style right now, by the way), or it works as a front-tie top.

Image of a woman wearing Ribeiro Bikini Top by Rat_and_Boa


Rat and Boa

USD 220

8 - JMP The Label – Vegas Top and Rio Bottom Tortuga

The Rio Bottom in Tortuga print, high-cut and cheeky, has become a JMP the Label best seller in no time. Why? It sticks with the Vegas bandeau-top trend but adds a couple of front cut-outs. The side ruching is also a cute, subtle touch the designer added.

Image of a woman wearing Rio Bottom Tortuga by JMP_The_Label


JMP The Label

USD 136

9 - Reina Olga – Showpony Swimsuit Leopardo

The Showpony Swimsuit by designer Reina Olga is a show stopper. You get the fierce leopard print with a crisscrossing halter neckline. Once again, we come across a designer swimsuit that’s technically a one-piece but genuinely resembles a cute two-piece. The top actually connects to the bottom in the small of the back.

Photo of swimsuit


Reina Olga

USD 170

10 - Bikini Lovers – Gina

If you’re addicted to strappy two-piece bikinis, you’re about to get your fix with Bikin Lovers’ Gina swimsuit. You get the triangle top with a circular brass ring in the center, which matches the two rings on the bottom. The rings are actually where you knot the side ties, making them easier to wear. Color-wise it's a mix of jungle animal print with floral-like pallets, a real head-turner on any beach.

Photo of swimsuit


Bikini Lovers

USD 88.5

11 - Beach Riot – Camilla Top and Vanessa Bottom Desert Snake

If you're tired of jungle prints and clever butterfly designs, why not go for something with a sultry, mysterious edge instead? This classically cut two-piece swimsuit by Beach Riot comes in an eye-catching desert snake pattern. Design-wise, it doesn't try to do too much and keeps things modest, except for the fierce snakeskin-like print, that is!

Image of a woman wearing Camilla Top Desert Snake by Beach_Riot


Beach Riot

USD 196

12 - Norma Kamali – Marissa Pantera One-Piece

This one piece by famed designer Norma Kamali features a deeply scooped neckline and side cuts that rise high up the hips, even more so than usual. But this swimsuit offers more cover in the back instead of accentuating cheekiness. The result is a chic, one-of-a-kind fit, so pair with an airy, flowing cover to complement the look.

Photo of swimsuit


Norma Kamali

USD 116

13 - Cult Gaia – Estella Bikini Dusty Dye

Sometimes, it pays to stick with what you know, and the same is true when picking out a two-piece designer swimsuit. This one is a classic yet still absolutely gorgeous swimsuit bottom with the usual type of side ties, high on the hips with a cheek-flattering cut. Pair it with the matching top, which is just as soft-spoken and down-to-earth.

Image of a woman wearing ESTELLA BIKINI TOP - DUSTY DYE by Cult_Gaia


Cult Gaia

USD 216

14 - Inamorata Woman – Beacon’s Butterfly

Who says you can't mix tropical patterns with animal prints? This sassy cut-out one-piece by Inamorata Woman pulls it off beautifully with a crisscrossing, wrap-around halter top, including the trendy high-waist cut and cheeky bottoms that we’re seeing in almost every swimsuit this summer.

Image of a woman wearing Beacon's | Butterfly by Inamorata_Woman


Inamorata Woman

USD 160

15 - Bamba Swim - Vino Top and Vixen Bottom Tiger

Does Bamba swim ever release anything bad? If so, we must have missed it because this exclusive original print features one of the most original patterns we've seen in a long time! The top piece has a V-wire in the center, supporting the bust while still making a fashion statement. Bamba Swim also offers matching bottoms to complete the fit, but the cute top is the star of the show.

Image of a woman wearing VINO top - tiger by Bamba_Swim


Bamba Swim

USD 144

No matter what, you can't go wrong with any one of these animal print swimsuits available at!